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21 December 2007

Carol Communion: Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis
Tune: Cradle Song or Away in a Manger (Mueller)
11 11 11 11

   O Lord, bid Thy servant departure in peace.
   I’ve seen Thy salvation, the sinner’s release.
   For Israel’s Glory — the Gentile’s Light —
   Fed me in His Supper and brought true delight.

   To Thee, Father, glory, glory to the Son
   And to Holy Spirit while long ages run.
   Keep safe us, Thy children, who, under Thy care,
   Are pilgrims through this life til Thy presence fair.

The legal niceties: © 2007 by W. P. Snyder. Permission is granted to copy, save, reproduce, and otherwise use the Carol Communion in unaltered form and with notice of copyright attached. Please contact the author to let him know if and how and when you do so.

Click to download the complete copier-ready, print and fold order of service (118.4k PDF).

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