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20 December 2007

Carol Communion: Invocation

Tune: Adeste Fidelis
Irregular Meter

In the Name of the Father,
Of the + Son, and Holy Spirit.
In Thy Name we are baptized
And to Thee we call:
This day come among us
As we lift hearts and voices.
   O hear our prayer and bless us;
   Guide guard us and protect us.
   O Triune God, come to us;
   For faithful art Thou.

The legal niceties: © 2007 by W. P. Snyder. Permission is granted to copy, save, reproduce, and otherwise use the Carol Communion in unaltered form and with notice of copyright attached. Please contact the author to let him know if and how and when you do so.

Click to download the complete copier-ready, print and fold order of service (118.4k PDF).

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