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21 December 2007

Carol Communion: Confession of Faith

Creedal Hymn
Tune: St. Louis
86 86 76 86

   We all believe in one true God,
   Who o’er His works doth reign.
   The Father sent His Son to earth
   To bear our sin-brought pain.
   His Word wrought all creation;
   He holds it in His hand.
   And naught is done that’s good or right
   Save by His holy plan.

   We all believe in Jesus Christ,
   The Father’s one True Son —
   True God, true man, by Holy Ghost
   Was to the Virgin born;
   Through cross and death forgave us,
   Then rose to reign on high;
   Still He’ll return to take His flock
   To heaven’s rich supply.

   The Holy Spirit we confess
   Was sent to bring us life;
   Through Gospel and baptismal flood
   Creates the Church, Christ’s bride.
   Now resurrection waits us —
   We’ll rise when comes the Son —
   And through eternity we’ll laud
   The True God, Three-in-One. Amen.

The legal niceties: © 2007 by W. P. Snyder. Permission is granted to copy, save, reproduce, and otherwise use the Carol Communion in unaltered form and with notice of copyright attached. Please contact the author to let him know if and how and when you do so.

Click to download the complete copier-ready, print and fold order of service (118.4k PDF).

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