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30 December 2006

Prayers for the Mrs.

or, My Wife the Nurse Needs Nursing

CrutchesThe Fair Stephanie™ went downstairs this morning with a full laundry basket. Leaving the bottom step, she brought her foot down — not on the basement floor — but on a non-floor item. She rolled her ankle and went to ground.

After 3 hours in the emergency room, they determined that she had one fracture apiece in her left tibia and fibula. After four hours, she was equipped with a posterior splint, a prescription for Vicodin, and instructions to have the orthopod look at it next week. Sadly, this is also next year, which, unless our insurance allows rolling over continuing expenses from a single incident (highly doubtful), means that we get to start all over on the deductible.

Oh, well. At least today’s ER visit should be completely covered. Anyhow, she certainly welcomes the prayers of the saints on her behalf.

The story continues with the trip to the orthopod and Steph’s subsequent surgery.

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Anonymous David said...

Father Snyder she will definately be in my prayers.

01 January, 2007 06:14  

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