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12 December 2006

Saint Lucy Hymn Stanza

As I noted last week, I’ve designed this year’s midweek Advent services here at Holy Cross around the commemorations of Nicholas of Myra, Lucia of Syracuse, and Katie Luther. I said that if I was able to write a passable hymn or hymn stanza for Lucy or Katie, I would post it. I think this one passes, so I offer a verse for St. Lucy. Should I produce something for Katharine of Wittenberg, I’ll likewise publish it here.

As with the previous stanza for Saint Nicholas Day, I intend it to be sung with the hymn “By All Your Saints in Warfare,” a public domain text which uses the copyright arrangement of King’s Lynn by Ralph Vaughn Williams. A suggested Lection and Collect are provided with the previous post.

   For holy martyr Lucy,
   Who faced the tyrant’s sword
   And through her death gave witness,
   We praise Your name, O Lord.
   Your light she showed in darkness;
   May we thus also shine
   Until, our struggles ended,
   We see Your face divine.

Hymn text © 2006 by Walter P. Snyder. As with previous lyrics posted here, I grant permission to copy, save, reproduce, and otherwise use in unaltered form and with notice of copyright attached.

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