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02 December 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear

StephIt’s that time of year again — the Love of My Life celebrated another birthday today. However, sitting around the house eating cake and ice cream wasn’t what Stephanie had in mind for her party. Instead, she got together with a few hundred friends and associates to have some fun.

She’s a member of The Kansas City Chorus, a world-renowned barbershop group (they took third place the last time they competed internationally). Each year, they team up with the main men’s barbershop organization in KC for a big holiday blow-out.

Barbershop ChristmasThe men and women join together at times in mixed voice singing and each chorus also has its own set of songs they perform. Throw in a few men’s and women’s quartets, a smattering of humor, and you have one of her favorite days of the year. By the way, that’s the side of her head you can sort of see in the second row of this photo.

She seems to enjoy herself so much in these Christmas concerts that she scarcely notices that she’s pulled within a year of her husband’s age — and will remain that way until I add another year in mid-January. As a mother, Steph had the additional thrill of hearing and seeing one of her children on stage with her as daughter Laura and other KC members of Young Women in Harmony also sang some four-part songs to an audience that included family and members of our congregation.

So, happy birthday, Stephanie. I’m still thrilled that God brought us together.

Guests to the blog are welcome to leave her congratulatory comments for surviving another year as my wife.

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