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19 November 2006

F-I-L and Wedding Widower

I’m a father-in-law now.

Yesterday I walked my daughter Courtney down the aisle of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Olivette, Missouri. I gave her hand to Shawn Foote, who, a bit later, became her husband.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and early evening, even though the head usher (my first cousin Dan Krenning) arrived at Immanuel just as his back-up (and brother-in-law) escorted the Fair Stephanie into church. It wasn’t in any way Dan’s fault — as a commercial pilot, he was victim of a fire at Lambert Saint Louis Airport. However, he was there in time to dismiss people after the service, get his picture taken, and eat at the reception.

Younger daughter Laura was the maid of honor. She also sang “Two Candles,” accompanied by my brother Paul on the piano. I left after the reception so I could be back here in Emma to preach this morning and I hope that someone sends me some digital pictures soon.

My quick departure begins explanation of the second half of this post’s title: Today is Stephanie and my eighteenth wedding anniversary. I thank God that, barring extremely unusual circumstances, we won’t spend our whole anniversary day apart. The rest of the family (sans Courtney) are supposed to come back after this afternoon’s gift opening.

Finally, the Snyders wish a special happy anniversary to our friends Ted and Michele Cook of Pittsburg, Kansas. I stood up (or leaned on crutches) for Ted 23 years together today. Ted returned the favor, which, if you do the math, indicates that they spent much of their 5th anniversary at our wedding (also at Immanuel, Olivette).


Anonymous Theodore said...

And Happy Anniversary to you two too. Thank you for the brief review of Courtney's wedding. We would have love to be there with you all but celebrate from afar. And we are quite ticked she didn't wait just one more day, but are glad for the newlyweds anyway. But then our first born is waiting clear until Memorial weekend. So I guess there is no family tradition started. Walt and Steh, that makes the 4 of us the alpha and omega of Nov. 19th.
Peace, Ted and Michele

19 November, 2006 15:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to ya'll from the Curtis and Jo Ann Deterding family. No one married off yet in our family and no one is engaged. However, some of Eva's friends are now tying the knot. We'd love to see some of the pictures of the wedding and hope you will send some of the best ones our way. May God bless you all richly in your marriage and may he continue to shower upon all our marriages blessing after blessing. Curtis

19 November, 2006 20:04  
Anonymous Laura Deardoff said...

Congratulations. It was great to hear from you. Bill's email address is Deardoffs@msn.com. None of mine are near marrying age. Billy turns 12 in December. Take care.

Laura, Bill, Billy and Jon

20 November, 2006 11:06  
Blogger Frank said...

Congratulations to the entire Snyder family!

21 November, 2006 07:29  

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