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02 January 2007

More on the Mrs.

Rebuilding Baby’s Broken Bones

We’re now experiencing fallout from Stephanie’s fall that I reported on Saturday. I took her in to the orthopedic surgeon who, even before looking at the x-rays, was fairly sure that he would want to operate. According to him, when both leg bones are fractured, rare is the instance that doesn’t require pins, plates, and the like. Evidently, this instance isn’t at all rare, because she’s now at Western Missouri Medical Center in Warrensburg, Missouri, getting the pre-op preparations out of the way.

I’m at home, waiting for #2 daughter’s hastily rescheduled piano lesson to conclude so I can get the kid-related responsibilities out of the way. Then I’ll be back in the ’Burg—I hope before Steph goes under the knife. She has one of the best bone docs I’ve ever met (who, BTW, happens to be married to one of the best general surgeons I’ve ever met) and we don’t even need to go to the Big City to get things done. Indeed, Dr. Bear has weekly office hours in Concordia, so we will only need to drive five miles each way for followup visits.

I already have the temporary handicapped parking permit in the car. I borrowed the church’s wheelchair and put it in the back, so today’s travels were a bit easier. One of the ladies in the congregation volunteered tonight’s supper, so the kids won’t starve before I come home later on. So, aside from continued prayers, it looks like we’re pretty much set.

Oh, yes, about those prayers ... Steph continues to welcome and give thanks for your intercessions with our gracious Father on her behalf.

Now I just need a replacement organist for Thursday’s communion service at the Lutheran nursing home.... Anyhow, the saga continues with a report on the surgery.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor, please let your wife know that I'm praying for her. I've never broken any bones before, but I know full well what it's like to have foot/ankle surgery and have pins and plates put in. I've been through it 17 times, myself.

The recovery is the worst part, but the doctor should be giving her pretty good pain meds that will make her drowsy. After the first week or two, she should be feeling minimal pain.

From the sounds of things, you're doing well in the way of preparation. You might see if people from your congregation might be willing to sign up to bring meals to your home for a week or two, until Stephanie is able to move around better. Our congregation did that for me, and it was such a blessing.

My prayers continue to ascend for Stephanie and you and the rest of your family. Let me know if I can be of further help or comfort.

02 January, 2007 16:10  
Anonymous Ted Staudacher said...

Hi Walt!
Give our love to Stephanie, bro. Assure her of our continued prayers for a rapid recovery. If we were closer (distance-wise), we'd be happy to provide some meals, or whatever other help is needed.
The physical therapy afterwards is very important. Make sure she holds to her therapy schedule - especially at home.
Love in Christ Jesus,

02 January, 2007 16:15  
Anonymous Pr. Theodore Cook said...

Just read the news. Please convey our heartfelt empathies to Steph. I'll let Michele know when I pick her up from work. We will keep the family as well in our prayers.
Peace, Ted

02 January, 2007 16:38  
Blogger Barb the Evil Genius said...

Prayers ascending for your family.

02 January, 2007 19:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto that. Will say prayers for her and you during household vespers tomorrow.

02 January, 2007 21:32  

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