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16 December 2006

Feeding My Holiday Greed

Or Something Like That

I want more!

I know that I gave folks an extra couple days to submit entries for the next Lutheran Carnival of Blogs. During these grey and latter days of Advent, I figured that fellow bloggers and those who don’t blog but who read our posts are probably all busy as we get ready for a rosy Sunday and subsequent six days. And if we need another sign that the Feast of the Nativity fast approaches, we remember that the seventeenth also kicks off seven days of O Antiphons.

So if you have completed your sermons and service planning, left the office until Monday, or otherwise carved out 10 or 15 minutes to choose among so many possible offerings, I stand (o.k., sit) ready to receive a few more submissions in my pre-Christmas stocking. If you’ve delayed choosing your own post(s) or nominating one or two by someone else, there’s still time. I have started assembling the carnival but still plan to accept any (qualifying) entries until noonish Central Standard Time (accent on the “ish”) on Sunday. If you are’t sure what qualifies or how to submit, take a peek at my original “call for papers” and send something along.

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