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13 December 2006

A Matter of Submission

... to the Lutheran Carnival

Carnival MaskI always complain about the acceleration of time’s passage during Advent. So I wasn’t really surprised by being surprised when I received the first email from Carnival Central. Yes, like a hungry polar bear to an unarmed Eskimo or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so comes the reminder that I am scheduled to take the reins from Living Sermons and must prepare myself to host the 39th edition of the Lutheran Carnival of Blogs.

This next fortnight carries us out of Advent, through the Feast of the Nativity, and up to the Eve of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus, so any seasonally themed submissions are welcome. Of course, any other posts (religious, vocational, or whatever else) by confessional Lutherans will receive a similar set of arms wide open.

If this sounds like ... well ... like I’m begging and pleading, then your perception is reasonably accurate. The past few carnivals have had a relative paucity of posts. This being a special season of giving gifts and sharing the Faith, I strongly encourage my fellow bloggers to please submit something that speaks of faith and life, of celebration or sadness, yea, verily concerning any situations and circumstances involving the human condition (or the Divine Reconditioning of humanity) as seen through your Lutheran eyes.

Curious about our past, I checked the carnival’s history to see what last Christmas in the Lutheran Blogosphere was like. Look back at the Aardvark’s Merry Carnival and Happy Blogidays to see how many people with so many varied topics made it into the mix.

I’ll also gladly accept third party submissions. Therefore, non-bloggers and owners of other sites may suggest appropriate posts written by someone else over the previous two or three weeks. I am also willing, pending an o.k. from the bosses, to extend the deadline to Sunday noon CST (1800 GMT), since church and family obligations won’t allow me to do much editing and preparation until then.

I ask that submitters pay attention to the general guidelines at the mother blog and to please send your nominations with Lutheran Carnival” in the subject field through the regular edress, lutherancarnival @t gmail d0t com. This will keep my junk mail filters from throwing your submission in the trash.

If you’re unsure about the pool from which you may choose, perhaps reading Confessional and Orthodox Lutheranism will provide a partial example of those whose profession of faith matches the expectations of the carnival. You might also pay close attention to those people listed in the first section of my blogroll.

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Blogger Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I am also willing, pending an o.k. from the bosses, to extend the deadline to Sunday noon CST (1800 GMT)

It's your show, Pastor. I'll note it on the Carnival blog.

13 December, 2006 13:22  

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