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29 August 2006

Higher Things 3

Fun on the Side

Along with all the worship and catechetical opportunities during The Feast, we also had time to relax, either on our own or with Higher Things sponsored activities. Since we arrived early, we had extra time to poke around. While Keith, Margaret, and Tyler went hiking in the hills, I went hiking into downtown Colorado Springs with the girls, all of whom were looking to do some shopping. Keith, Margaret, and Katy went white water rafting later in the week while I went with the other youth to Garden of the Gods. The swimming pool, ice rink, game room, and computer labs also enjoyed brisk business during down time. The big group recreational activity was a chuck wagon dinner of beaf, beans, potatoes, applesauce, and spice cake at the Flying W Ranch.

Girls at Flying W
Laura, Sara, and Katy posed in front of the Flying W’s replica chuck wagon before we gathered for dinner and the show.

Flying W Dining Hall
Keith, Margaret, Katy, Laura, and Sara sat looking tired as they waited to enter the dinner line at the Flying W Ranch. The old time country show that followed showcased the considerable talents of the ranch’s band. As a special treat, Pastor Marcus Zill’s wife Bethany sang some of her own original songs before the big show began.

Garden of the Gods
We took a shuttle bus to Garden of the Gods but rain (and some dandy mountain lightning) plus time constraints kept us from doing any hiking. We did, however, have enough time to enjoy a guided tour bus excursion through the heart of one of this country’s finest municipal parks. We also had enough time (and money) to enjoy our trip through the shops in the visitor center.

Want more pictures from The Feast? Just click here and browse to your heart’s content.

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