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29 August 2006

Higher Things 2

The Conference

Our days were busy during the entire time in Colorado Springs. The chapel at Colorado College saw the opening and closing Communion services and multiple prayer offices each day. Compline was also offered in the dorms. Plenary presentations, week-long sectionals, and daily sectionals provided catechesis in many areas of faith and life. Most of our meals were served in the Colorado College dining hall.

Carder Sectional
Deaconess Emily Carder of Quicunque Vult held a girls-only sectional. Well, almost only — she also allowed pastors to attend.

All three of the Holy Cross girls (Sara, Katy, and Laura) sat in to find out what Deaconess Carder had to say.

Tyler and Sara
Tyler took advantage of the lunch hour to remind Sara of the true meaning of “brotherly love.”

Pastor and Ste. Em
I took advantage of a break following Bev Yahnke’s sectional to catch up with my dear friend Deaconess Emily Carder.

Sarah and Laura
Em’s granddaughter Sarah and my daughter Laura met each other for the first time in 10 or 11 years. The last time they were together, Sarah towered over Laura.

Before Closing Service
Tyler and I sat with Laura and Sara before the closing service. Laura sang in the conference choir during the other services but took advantage this time of an extremely rare opportunity to sit with her dad during church. I don’t know when we’ll again be able to commune together, so I sure enjoyed this opportunity.

Pastor Zill
Conference coordinator Pastor Marcus Zill greeted some of the 1200+ attendees following the service.

Pastor Snyder
Loaded down with last-minute book and t-shirt purchases, I stood to the side and waited for the group so we could load the bus and head out of town.

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