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25 August 2006

More Blogroll Updates

Aardvark Alley listed three new sites and deleted an old one in the latest BBOV Updates. Guess I’ll follow suit. Therefore, we say “welcome” to On the Wittenberg Trail, Proper Distinction, and This Side of the Pulpit and “so long” to Lutheran Loser.

He also mentioned his recent post on using the blogroll, so check out how he answers the question, What Is the BBOV? By the way, the Lutheran Blog Directory also commends the BBOV.

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Anonymous David Yow said...

Pastor, let me ask you a question- hopefully it kind of relates. Where did you make the buttons you use to link to other blogs? I'd like to make a bunch for my growing blog roll, rather than just listing them, like I current do. Thanks for the advice!

28 August, 2006 00:47  
Blogger Xrysostom said...

Some of them I made online. There are several programs available but I've generally used Adam Kalsey's Button Maker. Others were taken from various sites. A few I did in larger format using some of the generic graphics programs I've either downloaded or which were part of WordPerfect. After getting text and/or pix correctly done, I cropped and shrunk them using the Irfanview program. You're welcome to borrow any buttons I've done, as long as you move them to your own host.

28 August, 2006 08:54  

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