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29 August 2006

Higher Things 1

The Road Trip

I was a presenter at The Feast, the Higher Things youth conference held this summer in Colorado Springs. I traveled with four youth from Holy Cross and two parents who acted as counselors. The next few posts will show a bit of our travels. As for my presentation, I’m scheduled to talk about it on the Issues, Etc. radio program on KFUO-AM, the LCMS station in Saint Louis. You can listen to the webcast at 3:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time, Wednesday 30 August or check the archives. In short, I did an in-person, unscripted version of Ask the Pastor, going through as many different questions as time allowed in two 45 minute sectionals.

These next pictures show us on the way home to the midwest from Colorado. We were in much better spirits because the bus’s air conditioning was working much better.

On the Bus
Sara (on the left in glasses), Laura (head turned to the right), and Katy (long, curly hair on right) were the three girls from our group. Katy’s mother Margaret is sitting in front of her. The others belonged to various youth groups from southern Illinois.

Pastor and Tyler
Here I am with Tyler, the only boy from Holy Cross who was able to come with us this year. I believe these photos were taken in eastern Colorado. I’m sure they weren’t taken around here — there wasn’t that much green grass in western Missouri in July.

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