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04 April 2008

KFUO Funding — an Alternate Plan

While some people have responded positively to the previous “give no money at all” post, others have voiced objections. A brother pastor said it best on my Wittenberg Trail page: “Walt ... I would ask you to reverse your KFUO decision. The folks at the station are, through no fault of their own, caught in the middle. To take out our frustrations with them only duplicates the victimization. I would therefore encourage you to support KFUO. These are good men and women trying to serve under great duress. Let us give them love and compassion, not further burdens and accusations.”

While I don’t much agree, I also don’t want to totally alienate some whose personal “line in the sand” differs significantly from mine. At least we agree that IE was an excellent thing and that those wishing its demise are quite misguided, at the very least. Therefore, I have created an alternate form for those who want to register their displeasure while still contributing to any worthwhile ventures still undertaken by KFUO-AM.

If you can see no “worthwhile ventures,” there’s still the original Zero Sum form.

As before, if you use this form, I suggest that you cc: your contribution to at least the LCMS entities listed at the bottom of the form. And in or beside the box for the contribution amount, let them know what percentage of your total gift this is — and pledge the remainder should God grant the return of Issues, Etc. to the airwaves and the WWW.

So click on the graphic, print the PDF (at least four copies), and mail to the addresses at the bottom.

KFUO Fund Raising Reduction

Don’t hesitate to link to this post or forward its contents to others. If you want to include the GIF and PDF on your own site, go ahead and link directly to them. I allegedly pay enough for my domain hosting to cover the bandwidth.

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Blogger Rev. Joel A. Brondos said...

WHAT people are caught in the middle?

One of the arguments against firing those in KFUO management positions while I was on the BCS was that it might bring down the station.

My response was that if we don't change the management NOW, the station is going down anyway.

Some people imagine that KFUO is going to be saved and that people are "caught in the middle." No. The people at KFUO are about to get steamrolled by the Kieschnick machine. The fact that people send in $0 pledge forms isn't going to change that.

Let's have compassion on the people who work there, yes. But who is it who wants to say that their days aren't numbered?

The synod is in desperate need of cash -- and the synod has borrowed to the hilt. KFUO is one fairly easy place they can get money.

This may be a bit of hyperbole but I think the case could be made that the only thing that protests against KFUO is going to do is drive the price down for buyers sitting on the sidelines licking their chops to get a bargain basement price from a synod that has to unload a major capital asset in order to raise some money for big debts.

Any donations given to KFUO now are likely to be compared to donations given a week before Issues, Etc. was canceled. Don't you think this is true? Donations to KFUO will end up helping to pay off synod's debt. Why not just send your money to the synod instead?

04 April, 2008 20:44  

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