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03 April 2008

KFUO Fund Raising Appeal Repeal

The front page of Synod’s website includes an ad for a KFUO Radio “Sharathon” that runs from April 17 – 19, 2008. The little blue box includes “Listen Now” and “Give Now” links.

For those who want to tell KFUO — and the rest of the LCMS — that you have no intention to “Give Now” because they banished Issues, Etc., I’ve provided a handy copy of an official LCMS form (slightly modified) for you to fill out and mail to the usual suspects.*

Just click on the graphic and you’ll be whisked away to a PDF that you can print out (I suggest at least four copies) and mail to the addresses at the bottom. Note the recommended recipients: KFUO plus Synod’s Board of Directors, Council of Presidents, and Board for Communication Services. If you can think of any other deserving recipients, please print extra copies and leave a comment here so others might likewise expand their mailing lists.

KFUO Fund Raising Repeal

In the box obscured by the big blue $0.00, feel free to note the dollar amount that you’ll not be donating because of current circumstances. Please be honest. Don’t write $1000.00 if you’ve never even given KFUO or Issues a dime — unless that was truly your plan for this year.

Don’t hesitate to link to this post or forward its contents to others. If you want to include the GIF and PDF on your own site, go ahead and link directly to them. I allegedly pay enough for my domain hosting to cover the bandwidth.

*With apologies to Casablanca and Claude Rains.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emailed you separately, but it might also be a good idea to donate $0.01 to them using their form. It will cause them to spend more in accounting for the gift than the gift is worth, and perhaps send a clear message to them as well.

04 April, 2008 02:36  
Blogger wmc said...

That's a great idea. Kind of an Issues, Etc. mite.

04 April, 2008 08:18  

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