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Ask the Pastor

† Theological musings and answers to selected questions by a confessional Lutheran pastor.

07 July 2007

O Frabjous Day!*

The Next Lutheran Carnival of Blogs Soon Dawns

Ask the Pastor gets to host the LIVth carny which, God willing, will be up on 15 July. While I also have a few house rules (see below), new submitters (and those who occasionally forget the routine) should check the general submission guidelines at the main Carnival blog. Email them to lutherancarnival at gmail dot com and they’ll forward them to me. Please try to remember to use the third person and all the other stuff the submission guidelines call for.

House Rules for this time include allowing submission of others’ writings by anyone else, including non-bloggers — just try to keep them to one or two apiece. While I’m not calling for a thematic explosion, I would certainly be interested in writings about vacation and leisure time during the heart of the summer months. Fond memories or foul taste in your mouth — either could make for interesting commentary. Maybe it’s something you already did or plan to do; maybe it’s a future hope or pie in the sky.

Of course, anything recently written by confessional Lutheran bloggers is fair game, whether overtly theological, vocational, humorous, or in other categories not listed. And if you find an older gem that just screams out its relevance to the vacation theme, go ahead and submit it as long as it hasn’t appeared in a previous carnival. I thought this final note might especially benefit those in the Southern Hemisphere.

I invite other bloggers to share the word and spread the invitation. If you haven’t already visited the current carnival at the online home of Barb the Evil Genius, please check it out. Finally, don’t forget that the Carnival is always looking for a few good hosts.

*Thanks to Lewis Carroll for the title phrase, a little snippet from Jabberwocky.

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