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07 May 2007

Five Blogs That Make Me Think

Thinking Blogger Award I promised my favorite movie critic cum theologian that I would respond to his nomination of Ask the Pastor as one of his top five thought-provoking blogs. Since I’d hate to lie to the guy who gave his family name to my confession and his first name to my next-born brother, I’d better get cracking, for the night is nigh o’er. I’ll try to avoid duplicating others’ earlier collections pertaining to this meme (even if some mentioned more than five blogs in their responses).

The Unknown LutheranFirst, I’ll give a nod to a blue collar sensibility in a white collar job, Lutheranism’s lunch pail luchador, Wittenberg’s answer to Nacho Libre, namely The Unknown Lutheran. Few pastors write with the combined intellect, faith, and wit that this layman usually displays.

Next, here’s a little love for The Heresy Hunter. This sharp thinking gentleman from North Carolina spares me the pain of reading, listening to, or TiVo-ing every false teacher with his own book deal, radio station, or TV show by monitoring, summing up, and analyzing, and rebutting all manner of logic-defying, Christ-denying members of the Church’s lunatic fringe.

Pr. and Mrs. KlagesSomewhat related is much of Alex Klages’ endeavor, A Beggar at the Table. However, where Hunter goes after living liars, Klages specializes in an Antibreviary profiling and pillorying long-dead defamers of our Lord’s good name. Since he’s a brand new dad, I imaging his posting will remain sporadic for a bit, but there’s enough already at his site to keep one busy for a time.

Even though I’m far removed in age from her usual charges, I still get a charge from The Educational Tour Marm, who just recently reached the 100 post level. Through her, I discover all manner of fascinating facts, especially concerning American history, that I never knew — even though history was a big part of my Humanities major in college.

Fr. HollywoodFinally, I’ll allow Father Hollywood to complete my quintet. He’s a master of plain speaking without making an ass out of himself. Whether he’s writing a high flowing essay or a short and sweet paragraph, Larry Beane shows himself as a master wordsmith. In case you need any more persuasion, simply peruse Blog Manners, the LCMS, and Aristocracy and you’ll get the picture.

So, from whence came this madness? The source is the Thinking Blogger Awards from The Thinking Blog. If you follow the original five, you can trace the convoluted trail that some of these nominations have taken.

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Blogger Rev. Alex Klages said...

Thanks for the award. I will post soon, I hope.

22 May, 2007 13:29  
Blogger The Tour Marm said...

I've been blessed by so many people since I started on this journey.

Last month I was featured in the online magazine LOST and this month one of my postings is an article in the AFT, American Teacher, Quarterly!

And now your award!

Thank you!

(I've tried to email you concerning my Lutheran School trips, but both times it 'bounced back'Please advise.)

18 June, 2007 11:30  

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