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† Theological musings and answers to selected questions by a confessional Lutheran pastor.

03 May 2007

Trust the Lord; Question Google

As I do from time to time, last night I looked at the Referrer Tracking 1 information from my eXTReMe Tracking counter. It lets me know, among other things, what search queries bring people to read Ask the Pastor.

One query that stood out involved this set of terms at Google:

   †   Greatest pastor to walk the earth

Pastor JesusWhen I clicked the link and got back the first set of matches, imagine my surprise to find Ask the Pastor at the top of the page. Not only was the search engine horribly mistaken about yours truly, subsequent hits also failed to arrive at the correct answer. This in mind, I thought it a good idea to set Google straight.

This past Sunday in the 3 Year Lectionary Cycle provides ample clues as to the the identity of the “greatest pastor to walk the earth.” The Fourth Sunday of Easter (or Third Sunday in the 1 Year Lectionary) is established as Good Shepherd Sunday. “Pastor” is a Latin loan word; translated, it means “shepherd.” So what Google should have been looking for was Jesus Christ. He — far and away and entirely — is the only One we should ever consider as being the “greatest Pastor to walk the earth.”

On the other hand, while I’m but a sinner-saint and only an undershepherd of the Good Shepherd, perhaps Google wasn’t so far out of line. After all, this blog, along with my preaching and teaching, is only truly worthwhile for one reason: The Holy Spirit called me to the pastoral (shepherding) office so that I would point clearly and unequivocally to “Jesus Christ and him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:2)” As long as this pastor truly confesses his Savior, anyone who visits ATP will have opportunity to meet, to learn about, and to live with the world’s “greatest Pastor.”

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Blogger David said...

Only an extreme cynic would conclude that you wrote this post, which includes the phrase in question three additional times(!), to cement your #1 position on the Google rankings.

I am not an extreme cynic, but I am a moderate one, which is why the thought crossed my mind -- but only in jest!

03 May, 2007 21:02  
Blogger Dan at Necessary Roughness said...


Sooner or later you're going to have to come to grips with your envy for ATP and his doppelganger. I seem to recall you giving him grief another time. :)

04 May, 2007 00:08  
Blogger David said...

Dan, guilty as charged. :)

For the record, though, as far as I'm concerned, Pastor Snyder really is the greatest blogging pastor to walk the earth.

04 May, 2007 07:38  
Blogger Xrysostom said...

If I hadn’t blushed when I first read David’s follow-up comment, I should probably have considered resigning my call. With some of the things I’ve read from others, I don’t know how anyone could make such a claim about me. Nevertheless, thank you very much.

05 May, 2007 21:39  

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