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18 January 2007

Blogging for Life

On 22 January 1973, less than a week past my 16th birthday, only one issue of national importance was high among my priorities. Just one day before my natal celebration, President Nixon had announced the end of American offensive actions and the beginning of a unilateral withdrawal from Vietnam. A week later, I was still reasonably sure that even if I got drafted in a few years, the chances of anyone shooting at me were pretty slim.

By this time, I was a fairly well informed TV news junkie who’d had a Chet and Dave habit for years and was now regularly watching that “other” Walter (Cronkite). However, while I tried to keep up on current affairs, the doings of the U.S. Supreme Court rarely seemed relevant to this high school sophomore living in western New Mexico.

ATP Is Blogging for Life

Little did I realize that compared to all those who died during America’s time in Southeast Asia, the “Nine Old Men” in D.C. (or at least seven of them) had just opened the gate to a far greater killing field. By the time I graduated high school and through the subsequent years, an average of more than one million of unborn babies would be slaughtered annually through legal abortions.

I pray that I’ll never be such a naïf again. In 1973, I knew exactly where babies came from but had no idea that large numbers of people would turn to anything except natural birth or C-section to remove these little bundles of life from women’s wombs. By 1976, I’d already written several pro-life letters to state and federal officials and was starting to study candidates’ positions on abortion before deciding how to cast my vote. By the time I became a pastor, I was prepared to bring up relevant life issues in confirmation classes, adult Bible studies, and sermons.

And now, just a few days past my 50th birthday, I find myself joining with fellow pro-life bloggers to support Blogs for Life. I’ll not be able to attend the national pro-life blogging conference nor the March for Life. However, I’m preparing to use materials from Lutherans for Life to continue teaching my congregation about God’s most wonderful gift of life.

Thanks to Faithmouse for the graphic.

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