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16 July 2005

140th Anniversary Hymn

I wrote this for the 140th Anniversary celebration of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, U.A.C..

O Lord, Our God, in Bygone Days
87 87 887

Text by Walter P. Snyder, 1957-

Suggested tune: Es ist das heil
“Etlich Christlich lider,” Wittenberg, 1524

O Lord, our God, in bygone days
Thou pour’dst a holy shower
Upon the founding of this church,
And blessed her natal hour.
In faith our fathers built this place
And firmly trusted in Thy grace,
Thy mercy, and Thy power.

From birth that followed bloody strife
Of nation’s civil warfare,
Through plagues and droughts and harvests poor,
Thou kept us safe in Thy care.
That home of youth, our school, Thou blest
That Christ might ever be confessed.
In love Thou answered prayer.

The holy cross of Christ gives name
Unto our congregation.
And to that blessed cross we cling —
The hope of our salvation.
Thy pure and pow’rful Word is preached
That list’ners’ burdened hearts be reached
And heaven be their portion.

The body of Thy Son and blood
Thy shepherds still bestow us;
They baptize into Thine own name,
Thy blessings washing o’er us.
Thine Absolution sets us free —
A holy people unto Thee —
Our cup still overfloweth.

O Lord, our God, these latter days
Sustain the blessed shower
Of grace and peace upon the flock
Which gathers in this hour.
Preserve Thine heritage, we pray,
That we, in joy, might see the Day
Of Resurrection flower.

All blessing, honor, thanks, and praise
To Father, Son, and Spirit,
The God who saved us by His grace;
All glory to His merit.
O Triune God in heav’n above,
Thou hast revealed Thy saving love;
Thy blessed Name we hallow.

—© 2005 by W. P. Snyder
May not be used or reproduced without permission


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