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11 July 2005

Mi Familia

Funerals are a pretty good time to get together for a family photo. Gathered in front of the parsonage at St. James' Lutheran Church, under the broiling Texas sun, and minus a few of us, is Dad's family through four generations:

Snyder Family
From left: Elmore and Marguerite Krenning, Dad's sister and brother-in-law; Steve, the youngest of Dad's boys; my wife Stephanie, aka The Fair Stephanie, LOML; yours truly, Dad's firstborn; daughter Laura and grandson (by my other daughter, Courtney) Jared; Paul, the second son; Brenda, my sister-in-law; Tim, the middle child and Brenda's husband; Marie Byars, youngest of the Five Snyder Kids; the Rev. Andrew Byars, my brother-in-law; Carrie Krenning (now Kober), my first cousin; and Dan Krenning, my other first cousin. Missing from the photo (some unable to attend the funeral) are Dad's wife Betty, Tim's sons Joshua and Jason, Josh's daughter Adryanna, Marie's children Autumn and Jedediah, and my daughter Courtney.


Blogger Lisa S. said...

what a wonderful family! Thanks for letting us know what they all look like.

13 July, 2005 15:35  

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