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17 April 2006

It Makes Sense

Confessional Lutheran Blogger Interdependence

Aardvark Alley keeps noting newly found blogs and adding them to his blogroll and that of the Luther Library. I, in turn, add them here. If I counted correctly, the list is pushing 150 entries.

With his latest additions, he also leaves a few pertinent comments: “Remember that, as I noted in Building a Lutheran Presence; Part 2, our blogrolls help each other find new readers and improve search engine rankings. If you’d like the full list of sidebar links, the Lutheran blogs and other resources, or the confessional blogroll only, please email me and ask.”


Blogger ptmccain said...

Is there some way to publlish the entire Blogroll? I use Bloglines which can automatically generate a blogroll and then that makes it very easy to publish the blogroll to my web site. Any chance you could use Bloglines that way? That way you could easily send your blogroll to others, etc.

17 April, 2006 16:16  

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