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13 April 2006

A Carnival “Call for Papers”

I’m honored to be hosting the Lutheran Carnival for the first time here at Ask the Pastor. It will, God willing, be up on Quasimodogeniti (the Second Sunday of Easter, 23 April). New submitters (and those who’ve forgotten the routine), please check the submission guidelines at the main Carnival blog. Email them to lutherancarnival AT gmail DOT com and they’ll forward them to me. Please try to remember to use the third person and all the other stuff the submission guidelines call for.

Anything recently written by confessional Lutheran bloggers is fair game, whether overtly theological, vocational, humorous, or in other categories not listed.

House rules for this time include allowing submission of others’ writings — just try to keep them to one or two apiece. Also, I would like to have as many Easter and Resurrection themed posts as possible to celebrate the Lamb’s High Feast. And since the time between Palm Sunday and Pentecost is peak Confirmation season, and posts about the rite, its history, theology, appropriateness, or your own confirmation would certainly be welcome. So if you have (or find) and older post that covers either of these topics, go ahead and submit it as long as it hasn’t appeared in a previous carnival.

Other bloggers are invited to share the word and spread the invitations. Finally, if you haven’t already visited the current carnival, please check it out.


Blogger ptmccain said...

Walt, I admit that I'm just too lazy to follow the directions for the "Lutheran Carnival."

Here is my submission.


14 April, 2006 14:40  

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