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07 March 2006

Christian-Buddhist Marriage

Q: Do you know if it is okay for a Christian to marry a Buddhist?

BuddhaA: While no Scripture prohibits this, it’s not necessarily the wisest and best course of action. Paul cautioned Christians: “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14)” Buddhism is not Christian; even morally upright and ethical Buddhists belong to “darkness” since they do not trust in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Christians believe in the resurrection of the dead and eternal life for all believers. God moves us to desire salvation for all other people — particularly those in our own families, especially spouses and children. While earthly marriages may be blessed, even if one partner remains an unbeliever, believers also look forward to an eternal “marriage” — that of Christ with His Bride, the Christian Church (see Ephesians 5:22-33; Revelation 21:1-2). We want those with whom we live on earth also to live forever in heaven in perfect joy. We know that this only happens through faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin.

Christ CrucifiedOne of the largest gulfs between Buddhism and Christianity, outside of differing understandings of God and especially of Jesus, is the focus of their respective adherents. Buddhism tends to emphasize the internal and demands self-awareness. What one becomes (or “un-becomes”) depends mainly upon the state of mind of the individual. Answers to life’s questions are found within oneself. Christianity, to the contrary, keeps its emphasis outside of self. It looks “to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2)” as the source of who we are and the norm of our understanding and behavior.

Buddhism, for all its millions of followers, is strongly individualistic. Biblical Christianity, while certainly emphasizing individual accountability to God, is essentially corporate and familial in nature.

If you’re the believer, what opportunities does God give you to speak and model the Christian Faith? How can you lead this person to life and light in Jesus Christ? If you’re the Buddhist, what contrasts do you see between your beliefs versus God’s demands of perfection (cf. Matthew 5:48)? And if you recognize your imperfection and need for help outside yourself, how do you respond to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ calling you to believe in His Son and be saved?

While each religious system has its own nuances and specific beliefs, what I’ve said here about Buddhist-Christian marriage and previously concerning Muslims and Christians may be applied in large part to any relationships between Christians and Jews, Mormons, or followers of any other religions.

Scripture quoted from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version™, © 2001 by Crossway Bibles.

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Walter Snyder is the pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Emma, Missouri and coauthor of the book What Do Lutherans Believe.

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Blogger Algernon said...

I do not know whether you welcome a reflection by a Buddhist who is married to a Christian, so I will post a comment and let you decide whether to delete it or not.

We have a harmonious dual-faith household and family, based on sincere respect for one another and how we live our respective faiths. She would no more try to "lead me" to the Christian faith than I would try to pull her to Buddhist meditation, because of that respect. All the same, we discuss our personal challenges and issues of the day from the perspective of our faiths, thus educating one another and learning about one another more intimately in the process. This makes our marriage strong.

01 March, 2009 22:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and by faith a believer in Jesus' gift of salvation and eternal life. My wife became a Buddhist after we married. Shame on me for not investigating, her new life path then. Prior to that she was raised and educated in Catholic schools. She feels she knows all about Christianity and now rejects the idea of a GOD. Buddhism teaches it's all about you. We now have tremendous problems as our very foundation of how we view life is irreconcilable. She thinks and believes attaining so called true happiness is what life is all about. I believe that happiness however it is attained is fleeting and the JOY of knowing I have eternal life in Christ is what should be our common goal. GOD either exist or HE does not. How can you respect a person or belief that you know to be lost? You can't possibly believe your wife will every attain happiness because according to Buddhism that only comes thru the Buddhist practice. Likewise she must know that after your physical death you will suffer beyond understanding. So I ask you; where is the respect? As a Christian, if you love your spouse or any other family member you would want them to have the gift of Jesus in their lives. If I'm wrong no big deal if she's wrong there will be Hell to pay.

22 March, 2009 13:31  
Blogger saoirse said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11 May, 2009 00:30  
Blogger Shireka said...

I think what Christians often forget that Buddhism is about exceptance and in the end so is Christianity. But there are so many Christians that have forgoten this fact that we now have a world of chaos. Satan is certainly winning this fight for souls because through the battle be the "Right" religion we have forgotten that brow beating others is a quick way to get us to hell and not to get them to heaven. Christianity is about saving souls NOT being Right.

Leave and let live educate others about your religion. Think on this if someone asked you Why are you a Christian, could you truely answer that question. I'll drop another bomb in your lap. Answer the question the ask yourself if someone said the same thing you just answered about your religous choice to explain Their religous choice would it get you to convert over to them?

My boyfriend is a Buddhist and we have an understanding, learning is the key and I love him and he loves me and that's what both religions teach love it's seems a lot of you have forgotten that thank you.

30 June, 2009 16:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone My name is Michael and i am a Buddhist who is currently engaged to a Catholic.

We have an amazing relationship, and I couldn't be happier. We both love each other for who we are, and that is the only thing that matters.

I find the comment in the article inappropriate that says Buddhism is in the "Darkness". And that people can only get to heaven by accepting Jesus Christ.

I personally don't think that a loving God would send people to hell who follow a religion that teaches nothing but love, compassion, and respect for everyone.

I just wanted to quickly thank Shireka for the post, i thought it was a very good response to the article.

And in response to the other anonymous comment questioning how he could fully love his wife who doesn't accept Jesus, I think that religion should never be the force of love. You should love someone for who they are and what they do. Whoever they pray too is a secondary concern.

And as a final remark, the same anonymous poster said that according to Buddhism, only Buddhists can achieve happiness. I would like to clarify this, because it is not true. Buddha teaches that we must respect all religions, because we all need to get to heaven in our own way. It is emphasized that EVERYONE, no matter what faith, can achieve a happy life and afterlife.

Thanks everyone!

03 October, 2009 18:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why cant just happiness in this world make the brightest thing that shows God that things can change and stop denying things that can't happen just happen and see what are the real results instead of conclusions?

24 October, 2009 21:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My way of thinking,
We are all humans, we love everyone, but why can't we love different religious people?
Love is about heart , not about who you worship/pray. We can see our loved ones, but we can't see god. God MAY be created or bluffed by humans in the past , to let us feel protected. I'm not saying god is fake. I am a buddhist, i pray so i feel protected.

17 November, 2009 07:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that there are a lot of valid points pertaining to the topic of being in a relationship with a Buddhist and Christian. I want to say that I understand the part about love and how it is intertwined within both religions but, I think there are things that need to be put into perspective. Buddhism, from my understanding, is centered around an individual who has attained a state of enlightenment by living a "good life" and not just by loving people although it is apart of it. With that alone, Buddhism is very attractive because it is all about works and being a good person. On the other hand, Christianity is obviously routed through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is perfect in every aspect he separated himself from a society to impact it not just living within it. I also know that with love there is sacrifice. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice one that we would definitely do for lets say your sibling, husband, wife, brother, sister, but the world???? The point that I am getting at is being sold out. I love a girl with all my heart who is Buddhist but, I love God even more and if that means that I have to sacrifice something that I love on Earth to honor and obey my father. I know for sure that it will hurt but without God, I would be nothing. Without God, we wouldn't be here. I want to say that I respect every religion and I am not saying that Christianity is better either. I am saying that marriage in general seems to be suffering on a slippery slope. I want my marriage to be deeply routed in God so that my family and there families can weather the storm.

26 November, 2009 19:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it extremely inappropriate to call Buddhism as a 'all about you' religion. This is true in a HUMANISTIC regard. It is to relinquish suffering and assist others in doing so. It is a way of life. Furthermore, the idea of a universal religion being the right or proper one is absurd. The idea here is compassion. Regardless of religion, belief, or likewise, we are all GOD. Life itself, space, energy, humanity, make up the fabric that is GOD. As is the case in marriage. If you cannot "completely" love someone due to belief, then it is not love at all. It is a pitiful attempt to have one adhere to YOUR STANDARDS. Love all that you meet, no matter whom or what they are.

20 December, 2009 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can different religion people live together? in a same country? communicate? do business? marriage? a lot In my vallage in malaysia they r buddhist and christian married but they respect each other. even some hav conflict at the end they had to learn to respect each other the only way to live happily. i'm consider taos actually buddhist and taos is related. in taos we hav a lot gods budhist god, himduism god, even muslim god (halal, seperate temple). but muslim people r not allow to pray muslim god in taos. what in my mind is that why in taos and hinduism hav different religion gods can respect each other why we cannot? god previously human being. god also would make mistake, they also hav law. i believe all religion hav god. we hav way to communicate with god but a lot of things god cant do..

02 March, 2010 11:17  
Anonymous Rev. David Hammock said...

I have been a Christian for a long-time. I was ordained a minister years ago and am now currently inactive but, will be returning to ministry.

I have been so disgusted with professing Christian women in my search for a mate, to the point I have found their inconsistency, hypocrisy and lack of relationship skills repulsive.

Recently I bumped into a Buddhist women that almost instantly understood my heart, appreciated me as a person, a man, and what I believe. She is one of the kindest, most gentle and tender souls I've ever met. I really want to get to know this beautiful lady.

In light of these religious differences, I now have a dilemma. I don't think it is right to just suddenly say goodbye; nor am I certain of how to reach her. What's your advice

11 January, 2011 06:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To rev. hammock- I truly believe that God puts people in your life for a reason- He is the ultimate molder of our lives and we are his clay. I met my boyfriend of almost 2 years - and I had the same hesitations has you do.
I was brought up in a very religious home- my mother is SDA and father LDS- There have been many conficts just due to different practices but the love for eachother and the respect for eachother have made their marriage stronger and stronger.

My boyfriend is buddhist and I have a very close relationship to my Jesus. We respect eachother and accept eachother for who we are. I pray for him as he prays for me- we compromise just as any couple should and would do about topics such as our religion, relationships, goals and dreams in life, challenges, and morals and priorities. When it comes to children and how we will raise them when the time comes - this is still in the compromise stage but we are talking and making sure our priorities and feelings are known- this is truly the key in any relationship and union.

My parents were against our relationship due the difference in faith but I base my complete faith on the outcomes in life on God. God will bring challenges in your life and you need to choose what you feel is best. God brought this man in my life and we have found a love so strong that we would fight for it no matter what would come along.

So my advise to you sir- is to allow that relationship to blossom and allow God to work in your heart and mind. God knows what will make you happy- even more than you do! so listen to him and he will direct your path. I am so happy that I did :) God bless.

16 January, 2011 02:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theravada is about suclusion who goes to heave where like christinity mahayana and vajrayana are about the bodhisattva path i cannot get to heaven until i help others get there isnt that similiar to jesus. oh besides in the old testment god tells the israelites the slaves of war are to keep their religous right wouldnt be prudent to convert them so they can go to heaven. with christ it doesnt say through me to heaven; but if you did follow gods law instead picking and choosing what to believing the council nicea for instance 50 bibles to make one hmmm blasphmous to write your religious history, were the dead sea scrolls are a bible form the time of jesus but its denounce is because you change the bible. i have gripes you bet of christens especially with gays and transsexuals the greek bible says its okay but if people use it is blasphoumy so i use the religous idea of nicea. by the way my birth religion was christenity i value and repesct all religions because its still knowledge and i know how faith can effect people. but for two religions your comment is one weak of scripture unless god himself says this in the bible i disagree and were does it say satan is about making other religions satan in the bible thinks were inscests so why bother with insects; god says nothing on satan and religion.

so as a buddhist there nothing wrong with interfaith marriages.marriage is outside the faith to begin with. we see the idea of other faiths as attemot to create buddhism in that religion ie deities will come as lets christens as christ or god. i know my beliefs are right why god in christenity teaches a similiar idea of buddhist third eye we know who is mara the deciever the buddhist devil and who is buddha if this wasnt the case then why do we have catholic monks who mediate like buddhist but it still christen. i lost my faith in christenity because i see christens saying the bible said so but it doesnt or they pick and choose instead the bible why dont you pray hear gods voice and see god then gives you truth or are you arfaid to admit that the true christen idea god has been change into pagan ideas.

and why is it when i see sites trying to talk about buddhism and christenity to discredit buddhist they have no idea what they are talking about. if your going discredit us try to do it right or dont judge us if its about to discredit us differant religions knowledge isnt a sin

just a simple buddhist trying to live their life without judgement.

03 May, 2011 15:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am courting a buddhist women. We both love each other unconditionally. Personally, as a christian myself, my ideas on religion are somewhat different. I feel that God, no matter what he is called, is the creator. The message is the same, love one another, no matter what true religion you believe. Might I also point out that Buddhism is the only religion in the world that has not had a war in it's name. I don't believe it's the religion that matters, it's the principles of the religion that will help you achieve eternal life. Surely a christian god would not forget about the rest of the world when it comes to salvation. How naive of christians!

29 June, 2011 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should also add that Buddhists do believe in Christ, but they believe that Buddha will get you to a higher level of heaven, and that Jesus will only get you to a lower level of heaven. So, perhaps they are right, but at least they don't think that believing in another religion is a path to hell, as christians do.

29 June, 2011 02:21  
Blogger Xrysostom said...

Even with an extended list of comments, we still are at an impasse: Christianity and Buddhism have fundamentally differing worldviews, cosmologies, and philosophies.

Most importantly, while both understand that there is a need for some sort of salvation for the individual, they completely disagree on the problem, its cause, and its cure.

To simplify, Buddhism teaches that you are the physician responsible for your own healing while Christianity proclaims healing only through Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. People honest with themselves can believe either or neither, but not both.

11 July, 2011 01:15  
Anonymous joanna said...

what happens if I believe in Jesus Christ - that he died for us on the cross - and the existence of God, but I look up to Buddhist teachings of self-discipline, and teachings of love & compassion? I also believe that meditation is a good way to calm one's mind and for good health etc.

I am currently not a baptised Christian but I hope to learn more and devote myself to God more. I just respect Buddhism's teachings and view them as good guides to life and like a philosophy to me. Afterall, Buddha isn't a God, but a teacher. What does this make me? Can I be a Christian while still appreciating Buddhist teachings, or am i just totally confused?

I am having similar interfaith problems now. My boyfriend is a very devoted Buddhist who hopes to practise his religion more in future and even contemplates on being a temporary monk for a few months regularly after he retires.

I love him so much because we can really connect, and he dotes on me so, so much. He is like my bestfriend because we know each other so well, and are so comfortable with each other. He respects me and loves me alot. However, by staying with him, I have to give up/forget about pursuing my Christian faith and either follow his faith or be a free-thinker, because he believes too that interfaith relationships will not work out in the long run.

Hoping to heed advice. I have been so jaded the past few nights.. I really love him so much but I am not sure if the sacrifices are worth compromising for.... Thank you!

14 July, 2011 15:29  
Anonymous joanna said...

Sorry, to add on, i must say, even if i do settle with my boyfriend and remain a free-thinker, I still hope to do my prayers to God and I would definitely not turn away from God. I may just not be able to be a baptized Christian..

Is that wrong? If I accept God in my heart and believe in him, but am not baptized in church, does this mean I have not really legitimately accepted Christ??

Thank you! I would greatly appreciate and welcome any comments and advices...

14 July, 2011 15:35  
Anonymous Nicky said...

I am a Buddhist and my husband is a Christian. We get along great, but as for you saying that Buddhism is darkness I can not agree. Have you even practiced the religion. To not believe in Buddhism is actually more dangerous than many Christains know of. They believe that they have more to loose by rejecting christanity, when in fact to not follow the true path the lotus sutra is in it's self slander against the true law of the universe and will lead those unaware of it down unnecesary suffering. There is a hell and heaven in Buddhism as well and those who practice the true law have no fear of going to hell. To utter the words Nam-MyoHo-Renge-Kyo one time erases a huge burdon of karma and will surely led one down the path to enlightenment. .

10 November, 2011 20:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you to judge what others believe in? Siddhartha himself stated that what he taught was not the "true path" but one of many to reach enlightenment. Buddhism is self reflective, we do not judge, nor do we try to convert others to our beliefs. It goes against buddhism's tenets. To be compassionate without fear or desire is the path I strive for. Meditation does not remove negative karma either. To be selfless without the expectation of reward shall remove negative karma.

03 March, 2012 13:45  
Blogger SocraticArmenian said...

Actually both Buddhism and Christianity when understood properly
emphasize "selflessness" and community. Buddhist meditation is about looking at the self, this is true but only to see that the self is not totally separate from the selves of others and to see what lies outside of the self. Both Christianity and Buddhism emphasize compassionate love for others. In both religions egotism stands in the way of realizing that love. There is plenty of ground for a Buddhist Christian dialogue and as a Buddhist I can say that the Pastor has distorted Buddhism in some ways, although certainly there are differences between the two religions. I am married to a Christian, and we do have some issues in communication at times as do all married people, but I think we are doing better than most two Christian households actually.

08 April, 2012 15:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a christian and looking at christian and buddhist differences and parallells. It seems that it's down to individuals (and God's direction) whether or not they feel it's good to be in a close relationship where there are differing beliefs - and that an attitude of respect is the key to a relationship working, if there are differing beliefs. My thoughts on a few of the posts (no judgements meant, just my opinion!) - Anonymous of 22 March 09 - I think that respect is possible if you view each person as an individual in their own right, with a right to choose - God lets us choose rather than coerces, it seems so much more loving to give someone that freedom to be themselves, and win someone over (I mean God) by attractiveness of your love for them - Jesus's yoke is easy and His burden light? & love is patient & kind.. Joanna's post 0f 14th July 11 - I think that of course you can be a christian while appreciating buddhist teachings - there are differences which conflict, but personally I think it's good for christians to be interested in using whatever they can take from other ways of living, psychologies, etc. and it's possible to stick to your own christian beliefs.. if you're not baptised yet, I can't personally see a problem, and if you're having doubts in your beliefs, find someone to pray with, talk doubts through, question things, ask God.. Xyrosostom's post of 11th July 11 - I think we do have a responsiblity in our own healing. Having had long experience in a life where a great deal of healing has been needed, I strongly feel it's a mixture of work that you do yourself, and God revealing and healing. Surely it's like anything else in life - we have our own part to play, whether it's in relation to our work, a physical illness, emotional things that need healing - doesn't God work through things that we do when trying to help ourselves, and sometimes we come to the end of what we can do - God is there for us, gives His strength in our weakness...

07 June, 2012 08:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add to my Anonymous comment of 7th June, response to Joanna's post - I meant re: baptism, that it didn't look like there was an obstacle for you in getting baptised, why not go ahead if you want to!!

07 June, 2012 08:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I read what was written and I have the following statemnts to make. Firstly I am shocked by the manner in which the Pastor responded to this topic. A Pastor in my opinion should offer guidance and in no way where the first few lines offering such. Instead it read as if the Pastor was completely against the idea. My husband and I eloped and got married and with our religions we both live a great life. We respect each other's choices and live in harmony. We opted not to force any religion on our children but to rather let them decide which religion they will chose. In no way does Bhuddism criticise or speak against Christianity. I can say this is a complete lie. To top it up both my husband and I are African so tradition counts too. I always say that the bible is subjected to one's individual interpretation and what another person reads and their understanding will differ from that of my own.

It is possible for all religions to be in one household!

16 June, 2012 02:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ believer are dependent, why, because they relied on god to be their saver. (God-Center Religion)
Buddhist believer are independent, why, because they relied on their own good deed for their saver.(Human-Center Religion)

Who ever let their belief to get in their way of love are nuts case (loco in cabaza). No religion is greater then your own welfare and happiness. Ask yourself, where do god came from?

06 August, 2012 16:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi To All;
I was born a Buddhist. In 2004 to 2005, I started practising the teaching of Buddhism seriously. Due to my own weaknesses, instead of meditation, I chose the path of doing good like liberating lives, doanting to alms etc. Then, I was more concern about my own selfish life in this world, trying to have a better life through my own initiatives. Believe it or not, my life does get better and better.
Recently, troubles and uneasiness started brewing in my mind and this went on for some time. No amount of alms or dharma work that I did seem to be able to bring me the peace I so badly needed. Not the prayers to deities or anything helps. I started studying the bible, and the idea of relying on Jesus Christ for salvation seem to rhyme in me. The faith in Him via my untrained prayers seem to carry me trough many obstacles as well. Now, the dilemma. How could a former staunch Buddhist now preach to my wife into believing in Jesus Christ? .... In my prayers, I leave all these to the blessings of Jesus. I still bring my family to liberating lives and I have try to channel some of my resources into Christian Charities. Life is good :)

16 September, 2012 21:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Buddhist and have a current relationship with a Christian. We have a deep and abiding respect for eachothers religion. I believe there are a couple of things that have been overlooked. while the Christians have the 10 commandments, Buddhists have the 5 Precepts. The 5 Precepts are: 1: To abstain from taking life. 2: To abstain from taking what is not given. (although purchasing things is fine) 3: Abstain from sexual misconduct. 4: abstain from false speech. 5. abstain from anything that causes heedlessness. (unless it's prescribed by a doctor) There are also 8 and 10 precepts more conservative Buddhists can follow if they choose. Buddhists are taught to be content with their circumstances, Therefore that falls in line with the commandment of "Do not covet" If one were to read the book of Proverbs and The four Gospels along with the Dhammapada one would find much common ground.

So, I find your claim quite absurd. I have Christian, Muslim. LDS, agnostic, and Atheist friends. and they are some of the most moral and ethical people one could ever know.

I personally keep the question of the existence of God as an open question. It can't be proven or disproven. If there is one out there I hope it's a compassionate God and not a discriminatory preacher like yourself. You give Christianity a bad rep.

10 October, 2012 13:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont understand...after posting a post like this why wont the author comment on the responses received? Isnt this his job?

I currently have a Christian girlfriend who believes that if she marries someone from a different faith will end up in hell or something. Why do you even condemn Buddhism? Is it in your teachings to do so? It is because of you and the writers of the Bible that there are those fanatics Christians out here now who were influenced to the level where they think only those who are Christians will end up in heaven. The rest can go to hell.

Sorry for being crude but this is what I am feeling. Counter my argument if possible and make me see the light.

29 August, 2013 07:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the years, Buddhism has become a larger part of my life. Because of following the principles and adhering to the basic philosophies, I feel closer and closer to God. I feel comfort in prayer, and express love for all things. I BELIEVE in God, and "live in God's stead" for my own life. My work is for other humans, namely our youth. I am a proud educator and mentor. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I do not attempt to turn others into Buddhists in order to "bring them into the fold". I accept all religions, as these are ALL valid and paths to God, the ONE true God. There is no replacement for what is truly righteous.
In the past year, I have been gradually falling in love with a Christian woman. She's in love with me, I know it. There is a huge problem here... this breaks my heart to even post this...

It is said in the Bible that interfaith marriages cannot work. A Buddhist cares nothing for "interfaith". A Christian will be sent to Hell. It becomes a huge deal when they want to share their beliefs and love with you, and you have a different way. I have gone to church, talked about God, and discussed Christian matters with her, but I am met with MUCH difference if I would like to talk about MY faith. This is a huge disadvantage, and ultimately, not worth my efforts if it is always with negativity that we reach each other.

Love SHOULD conquer all, but in the case with Christians, quite a few are SO wrapped up in their faiths, they have completely forgotten what truly being a HUMAN being is like. In the end, which is right now, I ask myself: "Was it all just combined love and lack of understanding? Why did God choose to bring us together?" It was most certainly not to convert me. There will be no conversion, as, also in the end, we are all children of the same God, and it's utterly ridiculous that, finally after years of choosing to be alone, I actually fall in love and it will not go any further because of silly Christian ideals...
... fine you go have Jesus and whatever else you decide =(... go be happy... the Kingdom of Heaven awaits us all, anyway...

12 September, 2013 00:08  
Anonymous Hisgirl said...

I'm in love! I can say it again and again, I am truly in love. I can't stop thinking about him, I thank God for him, and I constantly imagine my life with him. But because he is Buddhist and I am a Christian, we've agreed to not pursue a romantic relationship. I find myself crying sometimes thinking how bizarre our situation is and how it came to be. Sometimes, I feel helpless because I know God knows my heart, he's put this man in my life for a reason, but I've known all of my life that being with someone of a different religious belief is not the wisest choice.

Some ppl compare different religions just like different races. I see a big difference. With race, we are all people and no matter what color we are, we are all people. Religion, I can say the same, "no matter what religion we are, we are all people", but it's the beliefs that gets me! It amazes me how so many people are able to be in a committed relationship with someone who doesn't have the same "higher" beliefs as them. I'm not saying it in a judgement way, it's just that, I've sacrificed something so precious to me bcuz the one I'm in love with doesn't share the same belief as I do.

I feel like I just need encouragement for this. I know a lot of ppl oppose to the thought that "religion" makes you not be with someone you love, but I don't see it ilke that...I just would like to hear an encouraging word from someone who can kind of get what I'm feeling, why I made this heart-wrenching decision, and how to continue pressing on.

Until then, I'll be in love with a man who loves me, but we can't do much about it because our faith is different.

Thanks for reading.

18 November, 2013 12:57  
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20 December, 2013 02:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God's Word (the bible) clearly states that there is no other name given amongst men by which we can be saved (spend etetnity in heaven with God). (That is Jesus Christ, God in the flesh)
We speak the truth in love and until God's Spirit opens one's heart and mind, one will not come to faith in Jesus Christ! The bible also says, that people do what seems right in their own hearts! That is why God inspired men to write the bible so that His truth may be made known and that people would not perish, but come to faith in Jesus Christ, God's plan to pay our debt for sin. Follow godly men only as they follow Jesus Christ. We cannot only live by our feelings, but by faith in God's ONLY plan for Salvation, Jesus Christ. Ask God to open your heart for truth and seek it! Eternity is forever! One's choice here on earth will count for eternity.

10 May, 2014 08:49  
Blogger Samadhi M. said...

Love. Thats all that matters. Every religion teach us to love and respect one another, help otherz, do good deeds and stay away from bad mentally and physically. Marriage between two people from two religions will let each undertand and learn the goodness in the religions, you can teach your children all the good in them not just to follow a certain religion. If u can lead such a life nature will bless you with goodness.

16 July, 2015 03:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

God is loving, true however; if you do not abide by his word, and you sin knowingly He will turn his back on you. Luckily we have Jesus Christ to cleanse us from our sinful nature and we will be forgiven, our sin will not be forgotten and we will be judged on it. It's up to each one of us to personally call the greatest lawyer in Jesus Christ to stand at our defense. I sin still knowing, and it rips my soul to shreds but I am ever thankful for Jesus Christ. Now for my opinion, I hate all you fools stating why would a loving God do this or that? Do not take my Lord's name in vain, you do not know Him. He shall cast you aside if you anger him and laugh at your prayers if you are unfaithful to His word.

26 October, 2015 07:00  
Blogger joe utley said...

God is loving, true however; if you do not abide by his word, and you sin knowingly He will turn his back on you. Luckily we have Jesus Christ to cleanse us from our sinful nature and we will be forgiven, our sin will not be forgotten and we will be judged on it. It's up to each one of us to personally call the greatest lawyer in Jesus Christ to stand at our defense. I sin still knowing, and it rips my soul to shreds but I am ever thankful for Jesus Christ. Now for my opinion, I hate all you fools stating why would a loving God do this or that? Do not take my Lord's name in vain, you do not know Him. He shall cast you aside if you anger him and laugh at your prayers if you are unfaithful to His word.

26 October, 2015 07:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a suitor.He is a buddhist and I am a Christian.When he courted me I told him that we would not be together because of our belief.Then he accept it and so many question about God.Eventhough he still continueing communicate with me but I am still praying for Him.

20 April, 2016 05:47  
Blogger Unknown said...

From my point of view and perspective fait is all about individual...wether we are christain or bhudhist we should be a good man and woman for the humanity...God is same and i believe he created us all...we all are his children so religion doesnot matter...it is love which matter the most...religion was just formed like that by the difference in place and time...if we see then its all about love...life is not about finding oueselves but creating...so we should not find the perfect partner but we have to make it perfect...who know apostel Paul might have said that for the betterness of christain life but specifically he does not matter to unmarry nonbeliever...cos todays world is bit diffrebt than pauls time world...nowadays we people are far more intellegent than pauls time people...i am not arguing u all but its my perspective...it depends on individual also but for me its okay to marry anyone...

08 September, 2016 23:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think it would be good to understand what both religions are about before we make like superficial comments on others religions. Besides, understanding is key in relationships isn't that right? Btw Buddhism definitely isn't all about the individual, if it was Buddha would have just been happy with his own enlightenment instead of going around for decades spreading the dharma.

10 September, 2016 08:23  

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