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29 January 2010

Logos Owners: Last Chance for Cheap Upgrade

Logos Bible SoftwareOwners of Logos Bible Software have until the end of the weekend to take advantage of steeply discounted upgrade costs to move to Version 4. They provide a handy Upgrade Discounter tool to help with your decision. If you’re wavering — or committed and wanting a chuckle — you should read Top Ten Reasons Not to Upgrade to Logos 4 while Mac users can also peruse 9 Reasons Mac Users Should Upgrade.

If you want to speak with a person rather than order online, you have less than 2 hours from the time this is posted, so call 800-875-6467 before today (Friday 29 January) at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (0100 Zulu on Saturday 30 January).

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Blogger Unknown said...

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