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21 August 2009

Time to Move

No pressure, no guilt, but ... the move imposed upon us is here and we’re ready for assistance.

Over the past couple months, several people have offered to help, if possible, when we packed, cleaned up, and left the house. We need to be out of the Emma parsonage at the end of 31 August or face suspension of severance checks until the job’s complete. Our new home, until God leads us elsewhere, is the Nierman family farm home on the north outer road between Concordia and Emma, only about 2.5 miles door-to-door.

If you were one of these volunteers, are free over the next 10 days, and are still able and willing to join in, we’d sure appreciate whatever aid and comfort you might lend. The trustees parked an 18' covered trailer on the lawn, so we can move some of the items into it and then haul a full load. I no longer own a pickup but we do have the old Pontiac Transport and our newer Jeep Compass, so we can shuttle medium-sized and smaller items relatively easy.

We would also appreciate cardboard boxes of various sizes (not too big for books, larger for lighter but bulkier items) and the loan of some tubs (Rubbermaid, Sterlite, or the like) for “fill and dump” of many smaller items.

Steph and I both have a few commitments, so check to see if your times match ours before dropping by. Facebook friends can find cell numbers for Steph and me under our “Info” tabs and email. Also, click here for a Tiny URL that loads my edress.

If you can’ t be here in body, please be here with your prayers that things go smoothly and that the weather cooperates. Most of all, please continue praying that God’ s will be done regarding my vocation in the months and years to come and that our family’ s faith would be strengthened during these times.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for your posts...i have benefited from many of them in the past. i am not sure how to go about asking this, so i figured i would post here and let you email me back if you have the time.

but i have been sure that the lord is putting it on my heart to both serve him, and to be married...i am in a position where i could get married in a year or so....but due to the passion on my heart to serve Him, i think it is wise for me to refrain from having children.

how then, should i go about seeking marriage...with the potential person in my life at the moment...i should communicate about this....but i think it will result in the relationship being ended.

does that mean that i should just wait to find someone who also is willing to refrain from having children?

any thoughts on these issues? i read what you had said about birth control before...you mentioned that,

"Others are strongly inclined to devote much of their time, talent, and treasure to service in areas other than child-rearing."

this is me...i want to be married, but i also want to serve the Lord more than would allow me to raise children....

i am highly value your counsel and perspective - God pour his grace on you!

15 September, 2009 00:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, and thanks!

15 September, 2009 00:18  

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