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21 October 2009

Matt Harrison and LCMS World Relief

Just a quick update. I was at our pastors’ conference and returned home quite enthused with our presenter, the Rev. Matthew Harrison, author of several books, including the just completed At Home in the House of My Fathers.

I wrote a bit in response to his conference essay at Happenings. Over the course of two days, he detailed the personalities, struggles, and successes of the leaders of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod during its first hundred years. From their lives, Harrison then offered suggestions about how the church could truly benefit from taking their thoughts and attitudes to heart and putting them into action.

Matt Harrison Montage

In a separate post, I noted a positive mention by National Public Radio of a project in which LCMS World Relief and Human Care is heavily involved. Pastor Harrison is executive director of LCMS WR-HC.

Please see Harrison, History, and Harmony and NPR Lauds LCMS WR-HC for more on these two topics.

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