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25 January 2009

The Beauty of Lutheranism

Katie StamNo, this isn’t a metaphorical excursion into the nuances of Lutheran theology. I simply mean that a panel of judges has decided that Katie Stam, a Lutheran teacher’s kid from Seymour, Indiana, possesses the inward and outward beauty necessary to be named Miss America 2009.

Miss Stam, a communications major at the University of Indianapolis, suffered a throat infection and developed laryngitis during pageant week. You couldn’t tell it from her talent presentation, as she sang Via Dolorosa, a song confessing faith in the blood of Christ cleansing us from our sins.

The new Miss America also appears to understand vocation and service to her neighbor. Her platform is centered upon community service, something in which she involved herself long before the pageant.

Find out more by reading There She Is ... Miss (LCMS) America at Happenings. There you can also discover my familial connection with her home town.

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