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02 December 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear

Half a Century and She’s Still a Babe!

Pastor and Mrs. Snyder My dear bride, a.k.a., The Fair Stephanie, L.O.M.L., just two weeks ago commemorated with me our 20th year of marriage.

I totally agree with a number of family and friends that she deserved a prize just for sticking with me that long. But speaking of longevity....

Now she ventures out in a solo celebration, that of her Fiftieth Natal Anniversary. Yes, Mrs. Me turns 50 today, specifically, this afternoon.

Fiftieth Birthday CakeI cannot think of — or afford — a prize commensurate with the accomplishment, nor am I able to offer sufficient thanksgiving to our gracious God for this gift of years to her. However, I can ask Ask the Pastor’s wonderful readers to take a moment to party with us.

Please use this personal and very special birthday email address should you wish to extend greetings, e-cards, huzzahs, or (close friends and family members only, please) raspberries.

This top secret edress is hers only through the end of this week. After then, I’ll close the email account so it doesn’t become an endless repository of spam.


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