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24 August 2008

Special Logos Updates

Logos Bible SoftwareLooks like I’m fixated on Logos. That may be, since several good things have been happening. I just discovered another: the Logos Blog shows a new, more complete way of Updating Your Resources.

The standard updater deals only with major updates in programs and resources. This new web based option is much more complete. It has corrections for any typos and the like that may have crept into your resources. You don’t need to have Logos running to initiate the download, just run the  Resource Auto Update  from your browser. It needs Logos 3.0e to run, and will install the latest program version before updating resources.

Be warned, however — since it’s more complete, the download size may range from large to gigantic. For example, tonight’s the first time I ran it and since I have the Scholar’s Library: Gold collection with additional resources, my download total is in the multi-gigabyte range. It’s almost like starting from scratch! I began the download before starting this post and it’s only 15% complete on my mid-speed cable connection. If you have a slower connection or a similarly large body of resources to update, you can use the check boxes to break it into smaller pieces. I think that I am going to run it weekly so I never again have such a large download.

ADDENDUM: After the download is installed, you may also need to sync your licenses. To do so, open Libronix and run Tools → Library Management → Synchronize Licenses. Otherwise, Logos could attempt to repeat the long download you just experienced.

Finally, if you discover additional typos, visit Updating Your Resources for information on reporting them. Maybe you’ll see your own corrections on a future download.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you had any success figuring out how to update the Triglotta? I know NPH just came out with a new version, but I can't fiind the update for it for anything!

29 August, 2008 08:57  
Blogger Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr. said...

I know I'm a few years late, but thank you for posting this. I was going through old e-mails, and I found one where you'd linked to this post. I just ran the update today. Thank you!

16 April, 2010 23:03  

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