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23 August 2008

Logos and the LSB Lectionaries

Logos Bible SoftwareThey’re here! I booted Logos, checked for updates, and discovered that the promised Lutheran Service Book One- and Three-Year Lectionaries were waiting for me.

To access and use these newest items, Logos says, “The Lectionary Addin is included in all Logos 3 base packages except for Original Languages Library.” In other words, any fairly new Logos installation should provide the resources via the Libronix Update link in the Tools menu. The RCL has been a part of the lectionary package for some time while LSB was just added.

If you’re using TLH, LW, or another pericope system, are comfortable coding XML (easy to learn if you know HTML), and have some time on your hands, Logos provides the handy tutorial Creating Your Own Lectionary.

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Blogger Pr. Lehmann said...

My update a bit ago downloaded the LSB lectionary, my general options show the lectionary add-in is installed, but I don't see it in Bible Data. Any idea how that could be?

26 August, 2008 16:01  
Blogger Xrysostom said...

My first, simple, I hope it’s right response: When Libronix loads, click “Customize View” on the welcome page. Scroll down, check “Lectionary” and then check the desired lectionary or lectionaries. See how this flies.

26 August, 2008 16:53  

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