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08 April 2011

Cursing God

Q: I have had these bad thoughts about cursing God. I love Him with all my heart, I believe in Him from my heart, yet I can’t control these thoughts. Please help. I think I’m going to hell. I’m scared and crying; I pray about it — I don’t want to go to hell.

SwearingA: You don’t say what’s causing these bad thoughts. Are they popping up on their own or are you angry at Him for a specific reason? In other words, are they the result of emotional or mental problems or because things aren’t going your way in external situations? After being assured of His love for you, you also need to address the cause, both because it’s wrong of itself and because of the ongoing misery it’s bringing to you.

If either leads to cursing at God, you have, of course, sinned. However, your getting to the root of the problem will take different courses depending upon the cause. As for the cursing itself, I suspect that you’re concerned that you are on the brink of committing an unforgivable sin. Yet your very worries lead me to think that this isn’t the case.

The person whose sin remains unforgiven is the person who denies God’s power to forgive or His right to hold us in judgment. Such a person rejects either God’s holiness and wrath over sin or else denies the Savior’s blood-bought forgiveness on the cross.

Anger against God is not usually unforgivable. Most often, those who yell at God do it because they know God’s power and His mercy and are upset because they aren’t seeing this concern more clearly in their own lives. Trust His forgiveness and give your sin to Him, just as you gave Him your anger.

Then ask Him to lead you through a thorough assessment of yourself, whether on your own or under guidance of counselor, psychologist or others — along with a caring pastor.

Remember this: God forgives sin, even the sin of anger at Him. Scripture occasionally shows Him allowing it to continue for an extended time, as witness Moses’s several outbursts in the Wilderness, some of the Psalms, or Jeremiah (see chapter 15, where the Lord rebukes the prophet more for doubting Him than for yelling at Him).

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Blogger Cecilia said...

We are sinners by nature. Yes, we can have anger over injustices in our lives, and life is unfair at times. But He also says He doesn't give us more than we can we handle. When we throw a tantrum at God, He often gets it that we can't handle it anymore, and gives us relief.

The advice given here was good. But there was one possible cause that the Pastor left out. Demons can't read our minds, but they can plant thoughts in our minds. Naturally, many of the thoughts they plant are going to be--well--demonic. It may be that the person who wrote this isn't cursing God at all. It could be a thought that's demonically planted. In that case, spiritual warfare is the answer.

09 April, 2011 16:11  
Blogger Cecilia said...

The person who's having trouble with thoughts of cursing God, should cast the demons out in the name of Jesus, and see if the problem doesn't stop.

09 April, 2011 16:12  
Anonymous Jon Parks said...

For what it's worth, it sounds to me like this may be a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder - something which I deal with (though I haven't been officially diagnosed). In this condition, persistent, unwanted (blasphemous, lustful, violent, etc.) thoughts and impulses come into a person's mind without their conscious assent. While I wouldn't completely rule out a demonic influence, I think that it is a malfunction of the brain. I have found a particular book to be helpful in processing OCD. It's called "Tormenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals" by Ian Osborn. Osborn writes from what appears to be a Christian background.

09 April, 2011 22:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to help with this. i was in the same situation, which manifested acutely 3 times in my life: when I was 9, 14 and 20. it was awful and i was getting really sick and showing all symptoms of OCD. various people helped me by reassuring me, but in the end it was my best friend who did it. he let me understand that everyone has inappropriate thoughts. this is normal. you need to let them pass, let them go, without thinking that you are a monster. EVERYONE has some kind of "bad thoughts". if you concentrate on them and obsess about them, your own fear will cause them to surface more often. let them go, you are NOT sinning, you are just a normal person with stress, fears and problems like everyone else. you wont be damned, nothing will happen to you, and the anxiety will go. it takes time and it's hard to believe it is so, but i can tell you from experience that it is. god loves his children, he is not sending anyone to hell, that's for sure. our fears about this are unjustified. a father would not send their children to an awful place to punish them, would he? you are ok. let them go. you are not a bad person.

29 July, 2012 05:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to the same situation, thanks t the last comment I understand I am not crazy nor I am a bad person. God loves me and I chose to ignore this thought, In Jesus name.

Also thanks for the comment recommending the book.

24 October, 2012 21:17  
Anonymous Beau said...

Cecilia, you are wrong, dear. Demons CAN read our minds. I should know; I used to be a psychic and clairvoyant. I used to speak to demons, silently, and they would read my mind and respond with logical answers. They can plant thoughts into our minds and read them as well. Jesus is the answer, however, because even though I have changed my ways, I am still tested. So, understand the truth of the matter.

02 December, 2012 07:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the very same problem, and was diagnosed with OCD. OCD is an anxiety disorder, and becomes worse when your level of anxiety goes up. It sounds like your problem is medical, and not spiritual.

09 February, 2013 08:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god is evil as well as good.
if he isthe creator of this hell we live in then he deserves to suffer more than we.

04 August, 2013 08:49  
Blogger John He said...

No, not at all. God is only good. He has perfect righteous and justice. First of all, what makes you think God isn't good?

16 October, 2013 23:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have this issue happens.night.and day.has for nearly a year.

24 March, 2017 13:02  
Blogger Karyn Neal said...

Its satan and his cronies not you definitely not God.satan wants you to think the worst thing you have done is against Blessed Holy Spirit. because satan a theif he wants you to curl up and die. Don't give up Jesus knows our hearts and he loves us. I have been plagued with these thoughts and i tryed committing suicide. Trusting Jesus now and holy spirit as i love them and i know they love me.k

08 May, 2018 23:00  
Blogger Karyn Neal said...

No God is not Evil
No jesus is not Evil
No Holy Spirit is not either they can not go against who they are which is love. Comforter and saviour and father. Satan is hateful hurtful horrible and pure Evil. Hating us all who love God our father Jesus our saviour and our helper friend and comforter the Holy Spirit please blame the one who should be blamed satan.

08 May, 2018 23:08  

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