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10 October 2007

Hymn Stanza for Proper 24

Praying with the Persistent Widow

The Persistent WidowPastor Todd Riordan of Faith Lutheran Church & Preschool in Columbus, Indiana sent me a prospective hymn stanza concerning Jesus’ parable from Luke 18:1-8, the appointed Gospel for Proper 24 in Lutheran Service Book. This year, those using the the RCL or the Three Year Lectionary in the LCMS will hear this reading on 21 October.

He asked me to vet his work, something I gladly did — especially since I knew of no such stanza previous to this. After passing our writings back and forth, we’ve arrived at the following and now gladly share it with you. In closing his final reply to me, Pastor Riordan wrote, “Feel free to share/post it for others to use.” This I do now. Please note and respect the attached copyright notice. We stake our claim not to gain riches but only to prevent unauthorized changes to the structure and theology of this stanza.

These lines were intended to be employed as an insert stanza to the hymn “For All the Faithful Women” (tune Kuortane, LSB 855). You may also choose an alternate tune having the same 7 6 7 6 D meter, such as Aurelia, “The Church’s One Foundation.” King’s Lynn, the tune of “By All Your Saints in Warfare,” would also work and if you wish, you could sing that hymn and use this stanza in the appropriate place.

   For those who cease not asking,
   Who, like the widow, raise
   Bold prayers from hearts believing
   Through countless nights and days,
   Establish for them justice,
   Dear Lord, in mercy hear —
   And should our prayers e’er waver,
   Lead us to persevere.

Hymn text © 2007 by Todd C. Riordan and Walter P. Snyder. As with previous lyrics posted here, permission is granted to copy, save, reproduce, and otherwise use in unaltered form and with notice of copyright attached.

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