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† Theological musings and answers to selected questions by a confessional Lutheran pastor.

04 July 2006

Blogroll Updated

I invite you to investigate the blogs in the left-hand column. If you haven’t yet discovered them, I'm sure that you’ll find more than one to suit your taste. Most have quite a bit of theological content while some place more focus on their owners’ vocations, avocations, or political philosophies and overtly discuss very little religion. Some are written by my brothers in the Preaching Office or other church workers; more are labors of love by lay people.

The list you see is modified from the Big Blogroll O’ Vark®™© found at Aardvark Alley. There, newly created, discovered, or changed blogs find regular previews. Other Lutheran bloggers can request the Aardvark’s pre-formatted HTML code to add or expand their own blog rolls and regularly learn some of the new places of interest in the Lutheran blogosphere. I’ve just added the four new blogs he lists and made the suggested change to the fifth.

Aardie also includes helpful tips for designing and improving blogs and for attracting, maintaining, and increasing readership.

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