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23 May 2006

I’ve Got “Issues” Today

Issues, Etc., the afternoon radio and internet program of KFUO radio, needed a pinch hitter due to a death in a scheduled guest’s congregation. God willing, I’ll be on with host Todd Wilken at 5:30 p.m. CDT (17:30 hours, 22:30 UTC) today. The topic will be Constantine the Great.


Blogger Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

You sounded good, sir. Thanks. :)

24 May, 2006 10:36  
Blogger Hakim Abdullah said...

Constantine the Great that should be very interesting... I hope the show goes well insha Allah (God willing).

I know you are a Pastor and may not spend as much time on the internet due to your work but if you have some time I would like it very much if you could read and comment on a recent article that I wrote called The Jesus Theory (Part I).

I have not seen the DaVinci Code (not interested right now) nor are the article and the movie related. The article is just a write-up by an American-born Muslim with sincere questions.

24 May, 2006 13:03  

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