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28 August 2005

Lutheran Carnival III and Beyond

The Lutheran Carnival this week is on display at Intolerant Elle. Think of it as an electronic potluck dinner, where you can sample a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Next week, the Carnival moves to Aardvark Alley. Should you be considering a submission, check out what Orycteropus suggests about a Vocation theme for Labor Day.

I would like to expand upon this a bit: Lutherans are among those rare few who realize that even when we talk of “ships and sails and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings,” we also are talking theology. While I’m pretty sure that there will be plenty of theologizing from blogging pastors I’d be interested not only in lay theological perspectives about jobs, careers, marriage, and other vocational areas, but also reading some of the “daily grind.” Many of the bloggers I read, including Love and Blunder, Kiihnworld, and Pastor Steve Billings let me see much of their hearts and their theology through windows opened into the “ordinary” in their lives.

So even if you do not have a detailed Scriptural and confessional analysis of the “Godliness” of your vocation, the simple act of revealing yourself in the midst of ordinary life bespeaks a wonderful vocational message.

To make a Carnival submission, read How Do I Enter?


Blogger TKls2myhrt said...

You wrote: "let me see much of their hearts and their theology through windows opened into the “ordinary” in their lives."

Your words brought tears to my eyes. I began writing not thinking that anyone would ever read. I wrote to make sense of my life and faith. Writing about my very ordinary life through the lens of my faith in God has helped me to be able to be able to more easily give account for the joy that God placed in my heart. And I'm not talking about blogging, I'm talking about my everyday REAL :) life. Writing about my faith is helping me to be open about my faith to others. I used to save my "Christian comments" for fellow Christians; now I can more easily leave God in His natural place in the world and include Him in my conversations with people.

Blogs are taking a bad rap lately, especially among fellow Christians. That is sad to see. Why do we beat each other up as Christians? Out of fear, I suppose. A blog should just be a tool...a medium...an extension of your life - a reflection of how you already live.

Pastor, I've thanked you before and I'll thank you again for sharing your life and vocation through your blogs. It is a blessing to me. God be with you today and always!

31 August, 2005 09:10  

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