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23 May 2011

Blogroll Update

BBOVAfter adding the most recent additions to the Big Blogroll O’ Vark®™© to my links, I thought I’d mention again the usefulness of such resources to fellow bloggers.

Our links to each other help move all of our blogs up in the search engines. This means that when people hunt for topics about which we write, they’ll find solid confessional Lutheran resources rather than the dreck and drivel produced by so many others. So whether you use all or part of the BBOV or have your own list of favorites, consider adding and maintaining a good list of confessional Lutheran blogs on your own site.

Consider this if you never seem to get around to adding to your own blogroll: Taking a few minutes to set up a blogroll (and keeping an existing list current) certainly honors others’ labors. In addition, it also comes back to help you to a wider readership as the backlinks grow and the search engines find you more easily. God willing, this finally gives all of us more readers and additional opportunities to proclaim Christ, to give proper honor to godly vocations, and to bury some of the internet’s garbage under piles of Lutheranism.

And should you wonder if all of our keyboarding ever accomplishes anything more than inciting the trolls or confounding our non-blogging friends, family, or congregations, stay tuned for the next post, where you’ll meet a concrete example of such writing bearing fruit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see why Calvin would'nt accept the Invariata, especially the Latin version.

Nevertheless, Variata wasn't rejected by Luther himself (the greater doctor of the Augustana, according to the Book of Concord). Are you better lutherans than Luther?

To conclude, I think you should notice the fact that Variata was not illegitimate, because it was only the "actualisation" and "recapitulation", in the text of protestant Churches, of the terms of the Apology (1531)and the Concordia (1536) wich were officially and regularly accepted by all.

09 January, 2012 17:54  

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