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20 May 2006

Luther, Jesus, Mary Magdalene

Old lies never die — they just become fodder for the entertainment industry. That’s the case, anyhow, with the fable that Martin Luther believed that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had gotten married. Now CNN has picked up an Entertainment Weekly review of The Da Vinci Code that perpetuates the fraud. Meanwhile, Code author Dan Brown keeps an archived Time magazine article about the novel which bears the same false testimony on his own web site.

Since Brother Martin’s good name is being dragged through the thick Brown mud, I encourage you to read what Luther actually said and study the accompanying commentary in Luther, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene at Aardvark Alley. For a bit more on the misunderstood maiden of Magdala, the Aardvark’s earlier post, In Memory Most Maudlin, is helpful.

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